– Epsylon [Lump Records]

Epsylon Free download

Title: Epsylon
Release Date: 2018-08-30
Label: Lump Records
Genres: Afro House, Chill Out, Deep House, Melodic House/Techno
Quality: 320kbps / 44.1kHz / Full Stereo
Source: WEB

1. Dashiko – Baikal (Original Mix)
2. JAZI – Silk Road (Original Mix)
3. Diass – Woosah (Original Mix)
4. Dustin Rosata – Tribal Ceremony (Original Mix)
5. Kellie Sakkaku – Deropolis (Original Mix)
6. Mert Eser – Velvet Mansion (Original Mix)
7. Miret – Monsoon (Original Mix)
8. Iman Deeper, SIAAH – Message of Spring feat. Ali Sayah (Original Mix)
9. Epstein (LA) – Ilahi (Original Mix)
10. Wisqo – Hidden Emotions (Original Mix)
11. Mauro Basso – Amulett (Original Mix)
12. Nixxie – Politisa (Original Mix)
13. Elias Fassos, RisK (Gr) – Eskerdim (Original Mix)
14. Waal – Kamanja (Original Mix)
15. Lunaar – Shiva (Original Mix)
16. NILU (DK) – Almost There (Bonus Track)
17. Sangeet, Holed Coin – God Is Everywhere (Original Mix)
18. Jose Solano – Gayatri (Original Mix)
19. Felt (U.S.) – P O M (Original Mix)
20. Jeronimo Karpouzakis – Ya Siti (Original Mix)
21. Cahelo – Hamada (Original Mix)
22. Commoner – Babulu (Original Mix)
23. Serkan Eles – Kuring Banding (Original Mix)

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